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About the farm

Starsight Farm is located in the coastal town of Santa Cruz, California. The farm grows speciality cut flowers for floral designers and flower lovers locally and regionally. Our mission is to provide high quality blooms, harvested at the proper stage and spending limited time in storage. Our relationship with our customers is highly valued, and we strive to give personable, attentive service. Our flowers are grown free of chemicals, with love and care. We use regenerative farming practices like low-till bed preparation, organic and biodynamic inputs, and we farm according to the cosmic rhythms. All of this is done to benefit and help protect the biodiversity in the soil, the plants, pollinators, waterways, and people handling the flowers. Our goal here at Starsight is to at the least give back what we take from the land, and at best give back more. We are very grateful to the people who came before us who lovingly tended to this land. We acknowledge the past farmers in the more recent years, and the Awaswas tribal people who traditionally stewarded this land for many thousands of years. 


Starsight Farm is owned and operated by Kate Scanlon, who established the farm in the spring of 2021. Previous to this, Kate spent several years working for other local farms in the area, gaining farming skills as well as experience in the local flower market. Her goal when starting in these agricultural endeavors was to create more distance from the synthetic world and gain a closer relation to the spiritual realm through a deeper connection to the earth. Growing plants has been a lifelong passion, and she believes that being able to spend her days working outdoors surrounded by these beautiful blooms and on this land is a true blessing. 

Justine Renee Photography

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